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Obituary for Annie Mae Daniels-Perry

Annie Mae Daniels-Perry
Sun Rise August 6,1954 Sun Set: October 20, 2020

Annie Mae Daniels-Perry: Born August 6, 1954; to the late Annie Ervin Daniels and Jacob
Daniels Sr. Annie was born in Williamsburg County, in the state of South Carolina, she attend
school at Cade High School and completed her High School Education at Johnsonville High
School in 1972.

In 1974 Annie was married to Ira Perry, where she remained married for 46 years.

In 1972 Annie moved to Paterson New Jersey; where she attended college at William
Paterson University of Wayne New Jersey and majored in Business Administration. Annie
pursed her endeavors and worked diligently in her career. Annie worked for several industries
while in New Jersey, and work all across the state of New Jersey; working several jobs at the
same time working as many as 3 jobs at a time. Annie was a hard working young lady. Annie's
main company she worked for was Comp USA where she received several awards over the
years. Annie also worked as a Paralegal in a Law Firm in New Jersey for many years. Annie
completed her service in the working environment in June of 2020, when she became ill, and
knew it was time to retire.

Annie Daniels-Perry had three brothers who predeceased her in death, Jacob
Daniels Jr., John Mark Daniels, Jack Daniels

Annie Daniels-Perry leaves to cherish her memories her husband Ira Perry of Sussex Co. NJ

(Sisters) Ruby Jenkins of Atlanta Georgia, Betty Daniels-Peterson (Joe L Peterson) of
South Carolina, Margie Ann Daniels-Jackson of Atlanta Georgia. (Brother) Henry Daniels of
Miami Florida, (Sister-Law) Mrs. Saddie Daniels of Orange New Jersey, Georgia Hill, Mary
Burnett (Lawson) Opal McLaurin all of Jeffersonville Georgia, Christine Bradley of Detroit
Michigan: Lorene Duckworth, Julie Perry, Helen Witaker, Robin Perkins, Elois Watson, Samuel
Perry, Gregory Perry, Charles Perry (Korene) Tommy Mins; all of New Jersey

(Brother-In-Laws): Johnny Mims (Ernestine), George Mims
Special Niece and Nephews: Wanda Moore (Chad), Elijah Moore, Malachi Moore, Lamont Daniels all of New
Jersey, Salondra Daniels-Griggs (Anthony Griggs) Sierra Daniels-Peterson all of South Carolina,
James Daniels (Kim) of Douglasville Georgia, Rachel Jenkins Cater (Clinader) Clarence Jenkin
Jr. of Jonesboro Georgia.

(Aunt’s) Iren McCrea Hall of South Carolina, Laura Mae McCrea of Ft. Lauderdale Florida,
Viola Cooper of Miami Florida, Maggie McCrea of Winston Salman North Carolina, Christina
McCrea Cooper of Miami Florida.

(Uncle): Willie Louis Ervin of Tampa Florida, Morgan McCrea of Kingstree South Carolina.